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PIS IT Solutions, Credit Co-operative Society Software Development Company is one of the most popular and experienced Credit Co-operative Society Software companies in Guwahati, Assam with experience in building Credit Co-operative Society Software and websites.

Cooperative Society Software can be called a Mini Banking Software can make the process of agreement, registration, maturity calculation of recurring deposit (RD) and fixed deposit (FD), and calculation of the commission highly fleet-footed and reliable. Our Cooperative Society Software is fully Web-based – Real-time application for Multi branch credit co-operative society, Thrift and Credit Society, Micro-finance Society. It can be customized according to any organization's requirements.

Key Features of Co-operative Society Software

Member Management

  • Member Register.
  • Share Register.
  • Share individual.
  • Share Report

Agent Management

  • Agent Registration.
  • Member to Agent Creation.
  • Commission Information scheme wise.
  • Agent Down line.

Compulsory Savings

  • Deposit/withdraw.
  • Interest Calculation.
  • Reports etc.

Deposit Management

  • Saving / FD / RD Creation .
  • Interest calculation.
  • Deposit/withdraw.
  • Penalty Provision.
  • Loan against Deposit.

Loan Management

  • All Type of Loan.
  • Automatic Interest Calculation.
  • Daily Installment Receiving.
  • Penalty Interest, Notice Charge etc.
  • Loan Ledger, Audit Report, Voucher Printing, Guarantor Checking & Voucher.

General Accounting

  • Day book.
  • Balance sheet.
  • Journal Entry.
  • General Ledger.
  • Trial Balance.
  • Cash-bank Book, Profit & Loss A/c.


  • Policy Certificate Print.
  • Passbook Print Setup.
  • Share Certificate Print.
  • Passbook Print Setup.

Commission & Payout

  • Agent Wise Commission.
  • Policy Wise Commission.
  • Month Wise Commission.
  • Agent Commission Payout.
  • Policy Maturity Payment Branch Wise.
  • MIP Payout.


  • Policy List.
  • RD Installment Report.
  • Due RD Installment Report.
  • Saving Account Report.
  • Loan Installment Report.
  • FD/RD Maturity Report.

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