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Prism Pathsala is a school management software that is web-based. With school management software, schools can plan and track students, take attendance, generate reports, streamline communication, and manage finances.

Prism Pathsala School Management Software is a very user-friendly software developed by PIS IT Solutions that helps in connecting parents, staff, and management on a single platform. It is a comprehensive cloud-based system built on a strong web architecture that aligns with the educational domain's customizable needs. Prism Pathsala makes it easier to handle day-to-day tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters most: achieving better results. Our cloud-based solution allows you to keep track of your school activities on a daily basis. Our Online School Management system does it all with seamless connectivity, whether it's Attendance Tracking, Library Management, Exam Assessment, Online Fee Payment, Staff Salary, or simply staying updated with school events via SMS.

The school management system has simple features that are appropriate for schools that want to manage both academic and administrative tasks. Teachers, students, parents, and administrative staff can access a separate login portal to view assignments, progress reports, fee submission status, and so on.

All the Tools You Need

Admin Dashboard

From the Admin Dashboard, you can add and manage fields such as staff members, students, classes, and sections. Along with this, it views the monthly transactions, graphical representation form displaying the details of recent admin activities.

Admission Management

It automates all aspects of student admission, including registration, fee submission, batch allotment, and document submission. Complete data is entered into the software and made available whenever it is needed. All student information can be collected accurately and quickly.

Attendance Management

Student attendance is an essential component of the daily operations of schools, colleges, classes, and institutes. Based on student attendance, various reports can be generated. Parents can view student attendance in the Parents Login Panel.

Fees Management

Fee collection and management are critical requirements for educational institutions. It simplifies the fee collection process by allowing for advance fees and fee receipt printing with barcodes. It allows for automated accounting entries without the need to re-enter financial data into account books.

Homework Management

Teachers can assign homework to their students and provide necessary documents for reference. Parents can also see the work that has been assigned to their child and ensure that it is completed on time. Students can easily access updated notes, daily homework, assignments, and project details via the panel daily and stay up to date at all times.

Transport Management

This module assists you in managing transportation by creating bus schedules based on student area and route. Area assigns students to routes in the most efficient way possible. Add buses, pickup/drop times, and students to the schedule with ease. Messages will be sent to the parents'/students' registered mobile number with information

Event Management

All events, whether they are sports competitions, annual day celebrations, tours and excursions, or holidays, can be accessed by students at any time. It allows students and parents to plan ahead of time and stay informed about upcoming events on school grounds.

Notice Board

The school/college administration can also post pictures, exam schedules, important notices, picnic or activity/competition information, and so on. The notice board feature allows you to add notice title, description, academic year, images, YouTube video links, and so on.

Document Management

Our cloud-based system allows you to upload student documents in the enquiry and admission forms. For future reference, users can save student documents such as Pan cards, Adhar cards, academic progress reports, caste certificates, and so on.

Examination & Grading

Examination management is a fundamental element of every institution or college. Teachers and school administrators assist in the efficient generation of report cards through the use of an interactive database. The customizable option allows the user to select from a variety of report card types to meet the needs of your institution. The school may create a customised report card with numerous analytics reports.

Payment Gateway Integration

In today's computer-savvy Indian setting, E-Payments are fast becoming the preferred method of payment. Users are quickly turning to digital options for different payment options – through bank accounts, credit or debit cards, prepaid cards, and e-Wallets – because they are immediate, safe, and easy. The secure payment channel protects the parents' sensitive data. The payment method is suitable for anyone due to its simplicity.

Library Management

Through its innovative and dynamic interface, Library Management enables you to manage the whole library. The librarian can handle all library item data and maintain track of all books supplied. All facts such as author name, edition, price, and so on may be saved in the school library database for stress-free management of school libraries of any size. It provides a comprehensive solution for students, librarians, and staff members at the institution.

Inventory Management

Our system also contains an inventory management system, which aids in inventory tracking and stock level control in both real-time and batch mode. The programme has intuitive interfaces that can detect when goods should be reordered, providing the user total control over the inventory cycle. This helps to maintain the inventory well filled so that the user does not miss out on an order owing to a lack of supply.

Students/Employee Id Card

The institute may create identity cards for both students and employees. With our school administration software, creating identity cards is the simplest task. It includes all of the information on students, such as their name, batch, date of birth, and contact information, as well as the school logo and QR code. Employee identification cards provide options such as name, designation, employee code, contact information, and so on.


Our e-learning solution is easily integrated into your system for conducting online classes and web meetings. Keep assignment content, study materials, and technical papers on the ERP rather than in a register. Engage your pupils in the greatest way possible and unleash their creativity in their favourite topics. Recognize students' talents in real time and allow teachers to provide customised solutions for student progress.

Mobile APP for Student

Students can get the updated notes, daily homework, assignments, project details easily over the panel daily and stay updated at all times. Getting doubts clarified can be made easy as the students can interact with their teachers anytime after school hours, thereby enhancing their learning experience. All the important information including date-sheets, seating plan, project submission dates, activities & functions, can be received with Student App.

Mobile APP for Parents

Parents may check the daily homework, pending homework, assignments to be submitted, and project submission deadlines via the parent app. They may then keep track of whether or not the youngster is completing the assignments. Furthermore, parents may view the fee status, fee submission dates, and due dates in real time. They may remain up to speed on the newest information and get notifications and alerts concerning fee submissions.

Mobile APP for Teachers

This programme delivers user-friendly dashboards for your school's teachers, non-teaching employees, and management personnel. The system's instructor portal aids in the improvement of classroom instruction. It promotes greater communication between parents and instructors, which aids in the academic development of students. The teacher's app includes functions such as attendance tracking, mark card submission for each class, daily timetables, and so on.

Salary Management

Payroll administration is the most demanding work since it takes careful attention while recording wage slips, compiling information on leaves taken by each employee, conducting assessments, and much more. It aggregates teacher attendance to gather information on leaves taken and calculates compensation. It is intended to reduce the amount of paperwork and time-consuming chores.

SMS & Email Support

We frequently receive SMS/emails informing us of various firms' offers and advertisements. It is accomplished through the use of a bulk email or SMS system. allowing mass SMS and email notification to students/parents on practically every transaction/report Auto SMS notification may be enabled in the system to alert on Admission, Enquiry Fees Receipt, and other events.

Accounting Management

Finance is critical to the operation of any organisation. It is a critical job in every firm to manage daily monetary transactions. While technology exists to help with planning, monitoring budget expenditure, controlling the movement of money into and out of your institute, and regulating earnings. Our software is a useful tool for organising monetary transactions in the most comfortable and simple way possible.

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Software that is simple to use and does not require any specific training.

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School Management Software is adaptable and customised to meet the needs of your school.

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