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Patient Appointment System

Appointment Scheduling App for Clinics, Hospitals and Doctors

Patient Appointment System is a tool that helps your clients easily book appointments with your health establishment. All they need to do is log on to your website and select their preferred service and time.

Online Patient Appointment System allow your patients to schedule their appointments easily with user-friendly forms, and ease the burden on your clinic schedulers. Your patients will feel in control of their time and appointment by simply selecting the chosen doctor and clicking their preferred dates and time. The doctors will be able to access, reception and appointments, everything in one calendar making it more simplified and organized. This is a tailor-made software for Clinics, Hospitals and Doctors allowing a smooth flow within the operations

Key Features of Patient Appointment System

Online Appointments and Self-Scheduling:

Online Patient Appointments system allows patients 24/7 access to request or even schedule their own telehealth or in-person appointments online, either through a link on your website or by responding to a call to action in your patient-outreach communications.

Patient Information System:

Patient registration, capture contact details, medical history, vitals etc. Keep track of patient visits, prescriptions, billing details, health records etc. Edit and update patient details. Search patient record by Name or Mobile number.

Doctors & Consultants:

Add and keep track of unlimited in-house Doctors and visiting Consultants details. Easily edit and update the details to keep it current. Appointments can be scheduled based on a specific doctor.

Appointment Handling:

Whenever a doctor’s schedule changes, or if an appointment is rescheduled from the hospital’s end, instantly notify the patients of the changes via emails, SMS or a call from the care manager.

Reduce no-shows:

Your patients might ignore minor conditions if the symptoms recede by the day of the appointment, or it might just slip their minds. To minimize these no-shows, you can automate appointment reminders and other appointment-related communication via email and SMS.

Medical Records:

Store health records of patients like x-ray, prescriptions, lab reports, etc on cloud storage. A doctor can view, modify or delete the records anytime. Easy access to all health records of a patient from mobile or computer.

Billing and accounting:

Record patient visit with all details. Maintain catalogue of treatment and services along side its item cost. Include all the treatment and services provided easily with auto-complete enabled fields. Generate, print/share e-bill/receipts. This feature includes accounting modules like receivables, payable, and GST.


The ability to quickly generate and store reports in one place makes it easy to make sure good communication between the clinic, its patients, and insurance companies. The leading medical clinic management software systems have comprehensive reporting functionality. Users can leverage pre-made reports or create their own, compiling administrative data and patient information into timely, easy-to-read reports.

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