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Inventory Management Software

Ensure stock availability all the time

Inventory management software gives you greater visibility over the materials you have in stock and where they are located. Easily assign items to jobs, run an inventory count, manage storage locations and generate reports.

Every company has to optimize the procurement processes and inventory levels in order to increase company profit margins and ensure zero inventory loss while at the same time ensuring the accuracy of controls and implementation of standard procedures for the flow of materials. Inventory Management Software (IMS) provides you this power to control your inventory with centralized stock information and easy to comprehend operation interface. It helps you track every significant piece of information about each inventory item.

Our inventory management software offers the following features:

  • Creation / Editing of Supplier details and material supplies.
  • Barcode support for accurate tracking of material movement.
  • Multiple locations & delivery destinations
  • Automatic determination of material requirement
  • Purchase requisitions department/site wise
  • Request for quotation and quote comparisons
  • Netting from available stock and scheduled receipts to generate net purchase requirements
  • Detailed item & PO level purchase histories with elaborate change logs and audit trails.
  • Delivery Chalan and invoice generation
  • Real-time reports for item-wise, location wise stock levels.
  • Batch/lot and serial number processing.
  • Material Movement Management
  • Material issue slip
  • Print option for pick and dispatch documents.
  • BOM (Bill of Material), Work wise material requirement, Work wise material issue
  • Material return
  • Confirmation of receipts (GRN).
  • Goods receipt matching and inspection.
  • Inventory Count/Stock Take Management, Minimum & Maximum quantity alerts.
  • Real-time inventory valuation

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