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Loan Management Software
Cloud-based loan management Solution

Loan Management Software can be customized to suit the needs of the organization and then grow alongside the company. Using cloud-based technology means greater efficiency throughout the life of the loan and a customized system will support fully automated processes throughout the loan process.

Loan Management Systems help automate the entire loan lifecycle. Our Loan Management System simplifies the challenges your business will face as it grows. The system efficiently streamlines the process by offering easily-configurable modules for all types of loans. The software can help with processing customer information, creating new loans, and more. They can also provide lenders with accurate statements and reports.

Benefits of Loan Management Software

Data Security:
Data security is very important because it helps in preserving the essential financial information about the borrower on the basis of which the lender takes the decision to lend.
Paperless processes:
As loan processing becomes more digital, document management has also become automated. Lenders no longer need to store files in large cabinets as everything is now centrally and digitally managed.
Automatic Calculator:
Manual calculation of loan application approval may delay it which results in losing prospective customers. Automatic calculators in top loan origination systems allow you to get quicker approval on loans by minimizing the time involved in the processing of a loan.
MIS reports:
Several detailed reports are available, allowing you to oversee Module Wise Reports. e.g. Loans, Collection, Outstanding, Accounts, Cheques, Notices, Deposits, and much more.
Real Time Reporting:
As a web-based system hosted on the cloud, use it from any device from any place hassle-free, which makes the system more reactive in nature minimizing response time.

Key Features of Loan Management Software

  • EMI Collection by cheque/Cash/PDC.
  • Multi-Location Branch/ Collection centre handling capability.
  • Dynamic Settings to create loan schemes, define interest rate & commission settings
  • Foreclosure Statement
  • Automated Accounting Entries
  • Loan Payment History
  • Payment Receipts or Monthly Statements
  • Penalty/ late fee calculation
  • Active loan, Reject Loan, Closed Loan
  • Agent Management
  • Agent commission calculation
  • Loan instalment schedule with payment details, late fee, processing fee, cheque return charges.
  • Auto calculate loan amount based on pledged item's valuation
  • Overdue Notices
  • SMS and Email Integration Available
  • Instalment Scheme, Instalment Due Date, Loan Disbursement, Release Loan Amount
  • Facility of exporting the reports into Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF
  • Loan Maturity Detail

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