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Laboratory Management software

A Flexible Solution That Molds to Fit Your Needs

With demand and test volume rising higher than ever before for Clinical Diagnostics, Every laboratory needs a Labortary Management Software you can count on to be reliable, efficient, easy to use and secure. At PIS IT Solutions, we understand these requirements and created a solution suite specifically designed to streamline your laboratory operation.

PIS IT Solutions, specialized Labortary Management Software ensures that monitoring revenues for your lab with the best administrative perspective with enriched data security and provide more value to your patients. It is very easy to manage as well as less time-consuming so that you can provide clinical reports within specified timeline. The best part of this software is – you can access it anywhere, anytime, and via any device seamlessly without any installation process.

Key Features of Laboratory Management software

Patient Information System:

Patient registration, capture contact details, medical history, vitals etc. Keep track of patient visits, prescriptions, billing details, health records etc. Edit and update patient details. Search patient record by Name or Mobile number.

Billing Management:

Manage all the laboratory payments in an integrated dashboard. Check the payment flow, stay updated on the unpaid dues and modernize bill generation and payments for your lab.

Inventory Management:

Laboratory Management Software helps you manage stock supplies, storage and reordering for essential laboratory materials and equipment. Systematize reordering or depleted stocks and disposal of expired items.


Customise your reports in any format that best suits your needs. Predefine calculations & rules for reference ranges based on age & gender.

Lab Automation:

Automate all the manual procedures inside your laboratory right from data entry to report generation to improve efficiency.

Email & SMS:

Medical reports can be sent directly through email or SMS to physicians, consultants, or even to patients thereby speeding up the patient treatment process.


Generate, analyze and audit the reports within the Laboratory management system to streamline data visualization and get data-driven insights.

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